Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Google street view an invasion of privacy?

One of the awesome things about Rome is that it is one of the few European cities (and the only Italian city, I think) that has Google street view. This helps so much when trying to plan where to go or get an idea of what your destination looks like.

However, Italy and Google haven't been seeing eye-to-eye recently. Saying that the street view is a breach of privacy, an Italian watchdog is investigating to see whether or not there are grounds to take action.

If you ask me, too many people were caught in places they weren't supposed to be. At the moment that these pictures were taken, there were inevitably people going in and out of sexy shops, which could be embarrassing, not to mention who-knows-what-else could be going on.

Either way, it's raising some eyebrows in a country that has been suspicious of the internet from the start, not to mention had other problems with Google in the past. I just hope they don't get rid of it!

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