Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Roma (sigh) misses another opportunity

Roma had an opportunity to close in on first place this weekend, but failed to capitalize, tying Livorno 3-3 on Sunday. Instead, they paved the way for Milan, who, after beating Chievo 1-0, is within one point of Inter. Can I get a che palle?!

In other soccer news, Inter will face Chelsea tonight for the second game in the Champions League round of 16. This is doubly important for Italian soccer because if Inter loses, Italy will only be granted three spots for Champions League next year, instead of their usual four (the top teams in each European league earn a spot in the Champions League, and the best leagues get more spots).

So, from Roma's perspective, this would be bad, because it means that making a mistake that bumps them to fourth place would destroy Champions League hopes for next season.

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