Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cruise Ship Captain Won't Go Back Onboard

So everybody is up in arms in Italy right now because of this recorded conversation between captain of the sunken cruise liner, Francesco Schettino, and the coast guard captain, Gregorio De Falco. It's in Italian, so I hope you've been practicing!

...for those who haven't, basically the coast guard is telling the captain, who jumped ship, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves with no official guidance, to go back aboard the ship and take count of how many people are there and report on the situation. The captain, however, refuses. From the sound of this clip, he is basically peeing his pants, especially when the coast guard tells him that one passenger has already died. So he not only bailed out first, but refused to go back and help anyone. Hmm.

This guy must be going to jail for life, right? Mm nope. House arrest.

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