Monday, April 26, 2010

Forza Lazio?

That's what Luca Toni says, and I guess it's the only hope we've got. Since Inter is one point ahead of Roma, they need to either tie or lose one of their remaining games, the most difficult of which is Lazio this weekend.

For most, it is a lost cause, considering Lazio won last weekend, and so is neither in danger of being relegated to Serie B nor is in contention for a top spot. This means that the game is wholly meaningless to them in terms of points. Considering also the animosity between Lazio and Roma, I wouldn't put my money on Lazio showing a feat of strength to beat the powerful Inter squad, knowing full-well that it would mean delivering the championship to their city rivals.

You never know though, which is why they play the games. If Lazio has any pride, they won't give the game up on purpose, but the fact remains that they are playing an Inter that is not only the strongest Italian team, but also playing very well right now.

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