Friday, April 9, 2010

Silence in Italy over church abuse scandal

While I'd rather not comment on the actual church scandal in progress right now (the whole thing really just disgusts me, and I think the facts speak for themselves), it is interesting to see the lack of attention that it gets in Italy, or specifically, Rome. Sure, it's not absent from the papers, but there is not nearly the craze and disgust that is taking place in the rest of the world - if you haven't seen much, here is a good summary of what different newspapers are saying in the United States.

Does anyone else think it's strange that the American press, a million miles away, has more freedom (or balls, maybe) to directly confront the church on this outrageous and shameful hypocrisy?

It could be a don't-ask don't-tell kind of thing; that is, Catholicism is so diffuse here that it is uncomfortable to hear about these scandals. For devout Catholics, I imagine that it takes a while to absorb something like this.

Or it could be just more of the Berlusconi media thing; that is, Berlusconi is buddy-buddy with the Vatican and doesn't want to make it look bad. Just count the hypocrisies: Berlusconi, a right-wing, conservative values, divorced, pro-life, orgy-attending, multi-billionaire defending a conservative values, child molesting, pro-life, lying, extremely rich institution, the Catholic church (note: I have nothing against Catholicism, only people who molest little boys).

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