Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Getting a job in Rome?

Did you know that you can work on a student visa in Rome? It's probably not the number one thing on everyone's mind, but a few spare euros never hurt anyone either. By law you are allowed to work 24 hours per week.

Just remember that things are very different in Italy from the North America (as well as Great Britain and Australia, I assume), so don't expect a minimum wage, or even any sort of legal contract. Bartender jobs, etc will probably not pay more than 5 euros an hour. However, you're drinking for free, so maybe it evens out in the end.

If you're considering it, the first place to look is Wanted in Rome, an English-language website devoted to those of us living and studying in Rome. Check it out, but just be wary, as always, of those trying to take advantage.

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  1. This is really inaccurate, the laws and regulation on minimum wage and work contracts are much stricter in Italy than they are in the US. You should do your research before you post things, I've lived and worked in both countries so I know for sure you are simply wrong.